We both Swiped Right

Today I applied for a position at Lyft Headquarters here in San Francisco, CA. Not to jinx the opportunity, but I must say that this would be a fantastic end, or shall I say - beginning, to #livingwithlyft. I made the cover letter extra long, just to show I'm extra interested haha. It starts with...

In a nutshell, this is why you want me to fill the Creative Copywriter role:

I kick ass at writing; always have, always will. It’s a natural aptitude that satiates my time while giving me joy. Also, my eagle eye for editing is fully intact and my Virgo astrology sign agrees. I love spatial and conceptual design; and my brother loves it too, because I sold all of his furniture and redesigned his living space while he was at work. I communicate real good – just kidding; but seriously, I am reliable in work, dependable as a person, and excel at communicating effectively with team members. I’m creative! I like to see things for how they could be rather than how they are and I enjoy coming up with clever ways to capture digital attention. I’m organized and efficient; just ask my mother who has to deal with me rearranging her fridge and computer desktop each time I visit. I’m friendly, easy-going, a pleasure to work with and most importantly, I’m passionate about Lyft as a company and the movement behind it.

I also have a driver rating of 4.92 and strive without end to give each and every passenger a quality Lyft experience.

As for myself, the extent of why I want this position is like that of an iceberg, but I will provide the tip of it here:

Since as far back as I can remember, I’ve been searching for the job, which I felt I could put my whole agency behind. When I was a food safety consultant, I felt like my time could be better spent elsewhere in a role which I found more meaningful; so, I took a huge pay cut and went into healthcare thinking I’d find that satisfaction at the hospital. Once there though, I came across the same feeling of discontentment; because you see, despite the pay and job stability of the healthcare and food industries, it’s never been about the money or job security for me. Even when my peers and all of society intensified the pressure to be financially successful – it didn’t matter; I was willing to take the risk of instability and the discomfort of a life in poverty to seek out that, which felt truly fulfilling. It has always been about using my limited amount of time, to make a valuable contribution, to a cause or movement that I am excited about; it just took me awhile to figure this out. I now know that I have this… passion, for Lyft and its inspiring dedication to make the world a better place. Previously, I thought that perhaps I would learn to program and see about getting hired as a developer or creating something of similar excitement on my own, but when Jordan (Department of Lyft Trust and Safety) referred this position to me it sort of clicked that there was already a need for my help, with something that I’m already skilled at, with a company that after almost a year I am even more passionate about working for than the day I first started.

I want the company to choose the best candidate for the role, however, there is likely no comparison – I am the best candidate for this role; you will be very happy with your decision.

Dear Lyft,

Hello and welcome to my cover letter. It is a pleasure to be writing to you and I hope that you strongly take into consideration what I may do for your organization. I am interested in a position at Lyft headquarters because I am in love with the company, the brand, the culture, the business model, and the service that has shaken the status quo and had such an extraordinarily positive effect on getting from point A to point B. Let’s not be modest though – Lyft has also been a pioneer in generating a sharing economy, encouraging new mutually beneficial connections, building a safer and tighter knit community, and stimulating the job market by providing contract work to common people wherever Lyft operates; I am one of these lucky people.

In January of 2015 I put in notice at my day job in Florida, sold my things, packed my trunk with everything I would ever really need, built a website entitled livingwithlyft.com, and set off across the states on a journey of exploration with no particular destination and one singular goal in mind: to find something I was passionate about pursuing while driving Lyft to fund me until I found it.

The thing is… I don't need to keep on searching. For I have realized that my passion has been in Lyft the entire time. Lyft was the inception and the financier of the trip, but little did I know – it was also the reason for the trip too. It is evident now that all along, my desire has been to support the company and share it’s revolutionary ideology with other people. That is what I want to do, and what I’d like to do – alongside all of you. There would be no grander pleasure than to contribute, on a greater level, to the growth and success of a company, whose purpose seeks to make all our lives better.

I envision a challenging position that is both fun and fast-paced; where collaboration, hard work, and ideation are key to success. I wish to be a part of a company whose culture is forward thinking, whose purpose is genuine, and whose core values are consistent with the organization – for that, I would love to devote my time, efforts, and ideas.

I graduated from the University of Florida with two bachelor’s degrees: Food Science and Spanish. Though I am currently in San Francisco, I am willing to relocate anywhere on less than a whim. I am painstakingly detail oriented, atypically organized, immensely analytical, exceptionally creative, and extremely easy-going. I’m proactive; a reliable team player; am great with Office and I’m learning to program through FreeCodeCamp so I can create projects for non-profits. I have a thorough mastery of the English language and am proficient in speaking, reading, and writing Spanish. I work well independently with little direction and am easily an asset to any team working collectively to accomplish a set of tasks and/or a project. I own a 13-inch MacBook.

I spent two years as a food chemist testing food samples for specific chemical compounds in a lab; this work made me develop an awareness of the importance of traceability and quality, which inevitably led me to the world of food safety. I moved into a food safety & regulation role and then started to consult using the knowledge and skills I had gained there. In these positions I developed a more keen ability to lead, teach, work as part of a team, communicate, make deadlines, problem solve, listen, stay organized, and keep detailed records.

Eventually, I fell in love with the independence and freedom of driving with Lyft. So when I came up with the idea of traveling the country and seeking a greater sense of purpose in life, it led me to where I am now – Living with Lyft.

Living with Lyft has taught me so much more than I would have ever dreamt possible in such a short span of time. I have essentially become my own Copywriter and Editor and regardless of my background in the sciences, I enjoy this type of work and will be happy to learn exponentially more in order to be awesome in this role. Apart from building a website, writing a blog, and learning to market it through social media tools, however, Living with Lyft has taught me to be bold; to survive on next to nothing; to take chances; to not be afraid of opportunity and adventure; to be open, flexible, and to enjoy the moment right now rather than living for somewhere you are not. Above all else, it has shown me that you can do whatever you want in life, but that whatever you choose to do – be sure that you do it for the right reasons.

Character is one attribute that cannot be taught in school; it is what sets me apart most of all, from other candidates. I care deeply about the quality of my work and take ownership in the company to which I am employed. The choice to bring me on board is like winning the lottery; I will utilize all of myself to propel the company forward, reaching new heights and excellence through my focused motivation to create positive change on the world around me.

It would be a tremendous honor to wear the Lyft letters and walk into the office on that first day, knowing full well that every second of my time at work from then on, would be spent contributing to a cause that I passionately care about improving.

I am in the San Francisco Bay area and welcome the opportunity for an interview.

Michael Reynolds