The Wormhole has Ended

I can no longer Lyft in multiple cities. 

It has been an incredible 8 months on the road,
  • seeing the diversity and enchantment of America through my own eyes
  • learning how to survive homeless and in completely unfamiliar places with my only belongings organized into a trunk space and my only income from being a traveling taxi driver
  • driving 30,000 miles in less than a year, picking up passengers in places I'd never been, then delivering them safely to their destinations
  • visiting cities, national monuments and parks, cliffs, caves, lava tubes, dunes, canyons, mountains, beaches, rivers, streams, deserts, hot springs, volcanoes, salt flats and lush incredible forests across the country
  • owning a domain, creating a website, and learning how social media #actuallyoperates
  • having the opportunity to network and make the acquaintance of all of my passengers, Couchsurfing hosts, and of course - ladies from Tinder in all different parts of the USA; many, many of them on a deep personal level. In fact, last night marked the fourth person to cry on the cab ride to their destination, which has now become called "The Cabbie Confessions" ;-) It's all about the questions you ask and the vibe you create for your unique environment. She was cute though, crying about how her friend always gets taken advantage of by his friends and how it is wrong that "good guys always finish last"
  • and...having the time of my life now, instead of betting that I'm going to make it to retirement.

However, all good things must come to an end. This morning after I had dropped off a passenger in San Francisco I was suddenly kicked out of driver mode on the app and was unable to log back in. That long awaited email followed this event explaining that my account was, "placed on a temporarily hold" for "Driving in Multiple Lyft Cities" haha, it went:

JUL 23, 21AM PDT 

JUL 23, 2015  |  09:11AM PDT
Marlene replied:

Hi Michael,

I hope this email finds you doing well. It was recently brought to our attention that you have been driving outside of your approved driver region. After looking into this further it appears that you're registered to be driving in Orlando and have recently been driving in San Francisco.

As you can imagine there are city-specific requirements we must abide by in specific cities. We require all drivers to have a driver's license, insurance, license plates, and an address in the state that they're driving in. At this time, we'e gone ahead and placed a temporary hold on your account until we have all the required information.

To switch to a different Lyft community, send us the following (feel free to send in a response to this message):

(1) Your name, phone number, and the email address associated with your Lyft account.
(2) The city you’re currently driving in.
(3) The city you’d like to switch to.
(4) Your new address.
(5) The date you would like to be switched to your new city. This is important to have so we don't switch you too soon. You will not be able to drive in your previous city once the switch happens.

Since you’re switching to a different state, we’ll need you to obtain a new driver's license, insurance card, and license plates for that state. Please include photos of each of these items in your message.

I'll keep an eye out for your reply!


Lyft Support Representative 

Therefore, my ability to continue, is no longer available. However, I am grateful for having been able to do it for how long I was able.

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"Fear not when, fear not why, Fear not much while we're alive, Life is for living not living up tight"