FAQ (frequently asked questions)

1. How long have you been on a road trip?

Since January of 2015

2. Where have been your favorite places?

I’ve found that it is not the places you go but the people you meet who dictate the experience you have while there. Every location has its highlights and downfalls, which makes no place necessarily better than any other – but the people you meet by chance in each city can vastly impact your time there. El Paso, TX for example certainly wasn’t the most beautiful place, however, it has been one of the most enjoyable experiences because of my hosts who welcomed me there.

3. How are you able to do all of this traveling?

This is a common question, and for a good reason. How can someone afford to road trip across America for an extended period of time? There is not just one answer to this question…and no; I am not a trust fund baby. I’ve listed the answers in order of least to most important:

I’ve been driving since I was 15 years old and have never been in an accident. This, along with the car I drive and other discounts, gives me a very low car insurance premium.

I put my student loans on deferment - meaning my payments have paused and the loans do not accrue any interest (this does not negatively affect your credit score)

I pay $30/month for my cell phone bill on T-Mobile. Find out more here

I’ve been working odd-end jobs along the way whenever offered. For example, I worked a wedding/Quinceañera faire in Corpus Christi, TX and have done some freelance photography in San Luis Obispo, CA for real estate appraisals.

I am a Tower Garden Representative trying to spread the good word about the importance of proper nutrition. For more information on this and how you can make a difference, please contact me at livingwithlyft@gmail.com

I drive a Toyota Corolla because instead of placing importance on material possessions for no reason, I think it is more logical to drive a car financed new for 14k that is not only safe and reliable but also maintains a fuel economy of 40mpg.

I have a love/hate relationship with food to the point that it plays a factor in my dating life. It all started way back while wrestling in high school… I discovered that the foods I ate had an enormous impact on how I was able to perform wrestling. If I had a smoothie a few hours before practice I felt great and energized; if I had a slice of pizza, I felt nauseous and sluggish. In college, I became a food scientist with the goal of studying how nutrition can impact the quality of our lives – and indeed it can greatly. THEREFORE, I do not travel to eat. I have a policy of “snacking” on wholesome all-natural foods by myself and will only eat “meals” when enjoying it with the company of others. I have rarely made an appearance at any food establishment unless with my Couchsurfing hosts and this has saved me a ton of money along the way.

I am a Lyft driver. To clarify, yes – this is a “real” job. I exchange my time and service for money and am taxed on my earnings. It just doesn’t seem like a real job because I absolutely LOVE doing it. A vast majority of the cities I have been traveling to I am able to pick up passengers, drive them to their destinations, and in the process network and earn a profit. For a list of cities where you are able to drive Lyft, visit: Cities where Lyft Operates

Instead of hotels or other costly accommodations, I have been casually sleeping on anything from floors, carpets, and cots to beds, bunks, chairs, and of course – my car. I utilize the friend connections I have made throughout my life, my family, and most substantially the kindness of strangers from bars and on Couchsurfing to host me for free until I continue my journey. I don’t require much, a shelter to lay my head, and a restroom, but often these people will allow you a shower, cook you food, show you around town, invite you out with friends, and even allow you to do your laundry. This has literally saved me thousands of dollars and provided me a means of attaining experiences I never would have dreamed possible.

Most importantly, however, I have been working for more than 10 years and have held probably over 30 different jobs from dishwashing, landscaping, bussing, and sign waving to a chemist, painter, nurse aid, and food safety consultant. In the process, I’ve put away close to 10 thousand dollars into investment accounts and now I’ve been using some of it to travel, be free, and live a life of my choosing while I am still in the best years of my life. Shame on me; right? ;-)

4. Are you going to do this Living with Lyft thing forever?

Of course not! This has been an enlightening and incredible experience in so many ways but I will not be doing it forever. After all, I do enjoy the benefits of personal property and having my own space. I have goals to own my own fully sustainable tiny home with Tower Gardens, to raise children, and to own several companies that do great things and provide a flow of income while I sleep. One thing I can tell you for sure, however, is that I WILL be driving Lyft and putting smiles on peoples faces in my free time until I am so old that I can no longer be a safe driver.