The New Sexy; Your Natural Weight

I weighed myself on a scale this morning and found that in 3 months I've gotten down to a weight I haven't seen myself since I was wrestling in high school about ten years ago - a drop of about 15 lbs. I feel great, but more importantly I returned to my wrestling days without a diet, without a gym membership, without a personal trainer, without a nutritionist, without surgery, without a fitbit, without weights or any help of any kind for that matter.

That said, I thought that it may be worthwhile to write a self-help post about weight loss and living a healthy lifestyle to get back to your natural weight and body shape; because let's be honest, what is the point of becoming toothpick skinny when curves are where it's at!

For me, if things are not overly simplified, they are too complicated; with that in mind, I've narrowed healthy living down to 2 easy to remember steps that are sure to bring you back to your natural figure and make you a happier person:

1. Eat "meals" only with other people; snack on whole foods and water in between these times.

In our modern-day society there are two primary problems we face in regards to weight gain:
i. The first (for America) is over-accessibility to food.
The human race began as nomads hunting and gathering what they could; we now need only speak to a microphone in a drive thru or head to the local supermarket to have more food within our grasp than early humans could have ever imagined possible. 
ii. The second is the quality and nutritional value of the foods we eat most.
One drawback of capitalism is businesses preying on the taste buds of people to make a profit. From crops of the earth we've synthesized delicious foods that are often detrimental to our health; for instance, one carton of milk in our elementary school's cafeterias has more crack, whoops I mean sugar, than we should be consuming throughout an entire day. 

Therefore, get the most out of every "meal" by enjoying it with other people. Until that time, snack on whole, all-natural, fruits, nuts, and vegetables. My personal favorites are apples and unadulterated almonds.

2. Hike.

I am aware that some people love gyms; I on the other hand hate them. In fact the last time I worked out at a gym I landed myself in the hospital for 5 days because I got severely ill from the unsanitary conditions there. 

Why should I pay monthly to be inside of a building and watch TV screens when the world has plenty of free opportunities to be outside in the sun, actually meet people without earphones, and get the exercise I need to be healthy?

Not into or able to hike? That is fine; make it your own. Here are other examples: swimming or surfing at the beach, pickup games at the park, intramural teams, running, biking, skateboarding, yoga, etc.  

I prefer hiking because, well... 
Rock City State Park, New Mexico