Today I Removed Adsense

Today I removed AdSense.

AdSense is a Google advertising program where you are paid for ads placed in your blog.

Today I remembered I didn't start this blog to make money; I made this website to help others truly live happy.

I started this blog to be the example, the archetype if you will, of someone who has no idea what career best suits him or his desires. It's for anyone who doesn’t quite fit into the 21st century career mold and instead has interests in a broad spectrum of things, but does nothing because the options are endless and fear of the wrong decision prevents action in any one direction.

The real reason I started this blog was to sacrifice my vulnerability for the good of those who may be inspired.

Random communications from others, like the one in the picture below, are the only reason I continue writing and sharing my journey on public display.

It's important that we relax. Life may not be as long as we anticipated and it's better to have lived happily than to have spent the best years of your life slaving away to save money for the worst years.

Sleeping on couches across the United States may not seem glamorous at first, but just wait until you are doing it and green eyes stare at you, jealous of how you are exercising your individual freedom; then maybe you will know a road trip wasn't so bad an idea.

If you ever want to get in touch with me for any reason, I am always available at

Safe travels,