Not just for the young; the difference between a hotel and hostel

Road tripping is not only for the young. My host in Chattanooga, TN told me that a 70-year-old woman was doing the same thing as I am at 26. I thought that was pretty cool, then I met someone in person to solidify that truth: his name is George.

I met George in Houston at a hostel while hanging out in the common area using my laptop. I came to find out that he is 66 years young and still going strong. He had retired from military service and was taking a road trip to get away from the cold weather where he lives up north - and staying at hostels. I found this strikingly intriguing as I had always thought of hostels as being a place for the poor backpacking traveler, yet with George I found the complete opposite: a well-off older man sleeping on bunks when he could easily afford a nice hotel.

The moral of this story is a simple one. George told me that he preferred hostels to hotels because in a hotel he could only talk to all four walls.

I've since met up with George twice and plan on visiting him when he moves to the Philippines. If it works out, we will also be going to Oktoberfest in Germany together when it comes around. He also has a weeklong timeshare to which he invited me to join him and asked me to pick a location where I want to go.

Just in case I didn't get the point across. Maybe this picture better shows the difference between a hotel and hostel.