Monthly Road Stats

I am happy to announce that today is the first day of my second month Living with Lyft!

I feel free as a bird and am grateful for all the people I've met and most excellent times I've had during my travels.

Here are some statistics from my trip up to this point.

Cost of Fuel: $253. 38

Cost of Lodging: $58. 00

Surface Slept:

(9) Beds

(9) Couches

(2) Futons

(1) Floor

(1) Bunk Bed

(1) Armchair

(1) Cot

(1) Tent

(1) Car

With whom Stayed:

(5) Friends

(1) Jinjabong

(2) Free Campgrounds

(2) Free Hotels (invited by people I had met along the way)

(1) Hostel

(2) Strangers from bars

(11) Couchsurfing Hosts

Places Stayed:

1. Port Orange, FL

2. Jacksonville, FL

3. Tallahassee, FL

4. Duluth, GA

5. Atlanta, GA

6. Chattanooga, TN

7. Birmingham, AL

8. Columbus, MS

9. Jackson, MS

10. New Orleans, LA

11. Houston, TX

12. Corpus Christi, TX

13. San Antonio, TX

14. Austin, TX

15. Dallas, TX

16. Colorado Bend State Park, TX

17. Big Bend National Park, TX

18. El Paso, TX

19. Las Cruces, NM

20. Albuquerque, NM

“What we fear doing most is usually what we most need to do.” Timothy Ferriss