Havoc in Atlanta

To say the trip has been skittles and roses would be inaccurate and dishonest, so here is a quick recap of one fun story before I moved on from Atlanta.

It was a day like any other, sky and ground in the right places, people doing their thing around the city. Rush hour had arrived and peak hours were activated, raising fares and offering drivers more money per trip, so I threw on driver mode and eagerly awaited to accept requests from soon to be passengers. BING! Got one. Navigating to their pickup location was easily accomplished, but as Chinua Achebe always says: things fall apart (great book).

I arrived to passengers already exhibiting a noticeable sense of chaos. They were off to the airport and had a couple large bags accompanying them. Now, usually I only pick up passengers and steer clear of airport activity because my trunk is full of my own junk. But here I am, and here they are, and there is no time to request another Lyft because fortunately they are also very late and likely to miss their flight. Game on. I assist them in putting their luggage into the back seat and we are off - or actually... not quite.

While the back seat passenger is getting well acquainted with their own luggage, my navigation completely stops working because I lost a data connection (thank you T-Mobile). Luckily I am not from Atlanta, so I haven't the slightest idea where to go without the assistance of Google Maps; so there we are, scrunched up, scrambling for time, without any idea of where to go.

I ask the passenger if she could direct me using her phone and problem solved! We are off yet again like a band of wildebeests' making our way to the airport. Well, or so we thought.

We turn onto the interstate in the middle of rush hour and the 16 lane highway is a sea full of the deepest hue of red I had ever seen; it was absolutely the most beautiful thing around us in the worst way possible. We were crawling down the interstate, the ants alongside of us laughing as they pass ahead.

This continues until all of a sudden Google God witnesses our trouble and sends a satellite to save us! My data connection kicks back on and Google Maps reroutes us off the interstate with a faster route. We complete an acrobatic feat of twists and turns until finally my vehicle rolls up to the Southwest departure gates. I assist them with their luggage, and we say our goodbyes.

Needless to say, it was a sign that it was time to leave Atlanta, so I turned off driver mode and headed to Chattanooga, TN.

Nevertheless, it was worth it in the end; a $35.00 fare and a $5.00 tip for half an hour of work was enough to fuel my car for another 800 miles.

Though I must say, I am not a fan of Atlanta traffic.