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First Hostel Experience

The Morty Rich Hostel
Cooking my own eggs

I've been on the road for almost two full weeks and have wanted to stay at a hostel to see what it’s like. I guess I had imagined a grungy building with tattered ceilings and bunk beds that smelled and were riddled with bed bugs.

My experience has been the complete opposite of my imagination.

I got into Houston late at night and found the hostel, a charming and inviting place. Going in I paid a small rate of $33 and was given a towel and a grand tour of the place by the desk clerk who just so happened to be my birthday buddy. The place was quiet, and I was showed my room where there were 3 bunk beds with a total of 6 people sleeping in one room with a single shared restroom.

There were 3 lounge rooms, a fireplace, a large screen TV, and many comfy couches to hang out with and meet other travelers. There was a kitchen where you could cook your own food, a dining room, an outdoor pool, and a laundry room.

I slept like a baby on a surprisingly comfortable bunk bed mattress and woke up to free breakfast in the morning. There was coffee, tea, toast, Nutella, cereal, and eggs all provided in the fridge for a cook your own breakfast. It was fantastic.

I met the people that had been sleeping in my room when I had arrived and enjoyed a delicious breakfast and a great conversation.

I wish this type of lodging were as popular in the states as it is in foreign countries!