A Redefined Purpose

Just over two weeks have passed on the road; driving from city to city; moving from couch to couch; yet, no matter what surface I've slept on, be it a couch, cot, bed, or arm chair - the experience has been one to never forget.

These experiences have reshaped my thinking and I have in turn reevaluated the blog and felt the need to adjust the purpose to some extent.

Though I still highly recommend applying to drive with Lyft, but more importantly, my hope for continuing to write this blog is:

To inspire others to travel using Couchsurfing and hostels 

You see... I've come to understand that more than anything else, life is about the connections you make, the lives you touch, the things you've learned, and the ideas and experiences that you have SHARED with others.

To me, there is no better way to open your mind, gain a multitude of perspectives, and make a bountiful amount of connections than to travel and meet others through Couchsurfing and hostels. Best of all, I have come to find out that this is extremely easy and feasible to do, yet sadly, not done nearly enough.

I am fed up with people being astonished when they hear that I am taking a road trip across America sleeping on couches. They ask me, "yeah, but what do you.. do?" and I'm sick of seeing their shock when I respond "Right now I'm just traveling". I want this to be a thing; something commonplace; a right of passage that everyone should take...yet, I feel as though it is something seen as abnormal and perhaps crazy.

I could be working a stable job making 40k, but I chose to travel America and sleep on stranger’s couches, because wake up people - life is not a race. When you eventually die, your tombstone will not say "1st place", nor will it say "last"; but you just might have more people at your funeral that will laugh and talk about that fun time in the hot tub.

So I encourage all of you, whether you are a business owner, are self-employed, are employed at a company, or are a wealthy investor - take some time off, go on a road trip, visit friends you haven't seen in awhile, use Couchsurfing, and stay at a few hostels to meet people from all over the world.